It Is All Conditioned

I want to be clear. I am one conditioned being sharing one perspective. The experiences this body/mind/heart have been through affect everything I do. My internal experience, interpersonal experiences, and cultural experiences all influence how I view the world, how I receive information, and how I share it. Yes, I’m sharing Buddhist teachings. Which sometimes feel like they should be some kind of universal truth. But they are also conditioned. Conditioned by the era they were first taught in, the people who have passed them down, the ways I have received them.

Why is it so important for me to name this?

I want you to know I’m not an expert. I don’t have the answers. I am simply a human being, who accessed some ancient wisdom, and in applying it to my life, found some ease, even in the ups and downs of life. Not all the time, not in every circumstance, but enough that it feels important to share. Important to pass on with the particular way I understand it.

I want you to know that how ever you practice is ok. However you connect to the present moment is ok. However you view Dharma, Buddhism, the Buddha is ok. You are the only true expert of your experience. You are the only person who knows if the actions you take are leading you to or away from freedom. And yet, there are so many layers of experience that get in the way of trusting that. Living in systems of oppression we begin to take on those stories from infancy. And we are born to people living in systems of oppression, and so their specific ways of taking on that oppression are passed onto us. And many of us experience trauma. And…And…And…

My hope is that you can find ways to get underneath that patterning, underneath the conditioning and find ways to live with more ease. To connect with your own wisdom. It’s not easy, and it takes time, AND I fully know it to be possible. May we all find the courage to connect with our wisdom. I look forward to exploring this path with you.